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Generate an ASCII-armored version of your PGP key using this simple command:

gpg ‐‐export ‐‐armor keyID > public-key.asc

Take the contents of that file and paste it into the box below and click Submit for it to be transmitted to the SKS Keyserver network.


This OpenPGP KeyServer runs with the help of SKS, the Synchronizing Key Server Software.

If you want to become a peer with the SKS Keyserver network, there are three excellent sources of documentation that will guide you in the general direction. There is a lot of overlap between the three links below, but they cover all of the basics you will have to configure.

  1. SKS Setup #1
  2. SKS Setup #2
  3. SKS Setup #3 (in German, but very readable series of commands)

If you want to become a peer to exchange keys with my keyserver, please join the sks-devel mailing list and ask there, per the instructions in SKS Setup #2 above.

If you wish to contact the administrator of this server, you can send an email to Todd Lyons <>. You may use my public key to encrypt your message to me. You can lookup my public key 0xAE127015 by clicking this link, which will query this keyserver for my public key. Of course, you must have a mail client which is capable of and configured to use PGP signatures.

If you would like to use this webpage in whole or in part, including the css and graphics, you are free to use it as you wish. I would appreciate a kindly note with a link so I can see what kind of creative genius you are, but that is by no means a requirement.

Original Author Credit

This page is adapted from the index.html created by Michael Nausch. His full, unaltered contact information is included below:

Wenn sie mit meinem Keyserver eine Partnerschaft zum Schlüsselaustausch eingehen möchten, wenn Sie Anmerkungen oder Fragen haben, oder wenn Sie den Administrator des Servers anderweitig kontaktieren möchten, dann schicken Sie einfach eine eMail an Michael Nausch <>.

Benutzen Sie zum Verschlüsseln Ihrer Nachricht meinen public-key 0x074ECF6150A6BFE , den Sie hier auf dem Keyserver abfragen können.